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Radiant Floor Heating

in Toronto, Etobicoke, Scarborough and the entire Greater Toronto Area

World Of Comfort installs a radiant floor heating system as warm water flows through tubes located underneath the floors. That warmth radiates up from the floors and warms everything it comes in contact with – creating a more even, comfortable environment at much greater efficiencies.

Radiant floor heat provides numerous benefits, including increased comfort, even temperatures, cleaner air, no cold drafts, no unsightly ductwork and no floor vents, all while being quieter and more energy-efficient compared to forced-air heat.

Ultimate Energy-Efficient Comfort

If you’re considering installing a radiant floor heating system for your home or business in Scarborough, World Of Comfort can recommend a number of options for your increased comfort and savings.  Since water in a radiant floor heating system has a capacity to transport energy 3,500 times greater than air it can heat (and even cool) using less energy than a forced-air system. This amounts to greater comfort at a lower thermostat setting, which provides lower energy bills. In fact, more people are comfortable with radiant floor heating at a lower thermostat setting than with forced-air heating at a higher thermostat setting.

Ordinary heating systems rely on air circulation to distribute heat. Because hot air rises, the warmth migrates and accumulates near the ceiling, causing forced air systems to work overtime to heat the occupied space. Radiant floor heat is more like the sun. It directly warms people and objects; warmth stays in your living space. It’s true comfort while saving money on heating bills.

Additionally, World Of Comfort customizes all radiant heating systems for a single room or to work in zones, allowing different areas of a home to heat at different temperatures allowing typically chilly rooms, such as bathrooms, basements and entryways, to receive more heat when needed. While at the same time, rooms with less traffic, such as a den or formal dining room, can be set to a lower thermostat setting, making the system even more energy-efficient.  You control your comfort.

From new homes to renovations, radiant floor heating is the perfect addition to any home. For any project, World Of Comfort can install a reliable radiant floor heating system which is an investment in comfort and in your home in Scarborough.

For experienced information of radiant floor heating, take advantage of a free consultation with World Of Comfort in Scarborough by calling (416) 598-4115.

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