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Humidification Services

in Toronto, Etobicoke, Scarborough and the entire Greater Toronto Area

Home comfort involves more than just temperature the right moisture level is crucial too. Heating a home dries out the air, which can create static electricity, crack furniture and woodwork, trigger respiratory issues plus create a cold sensation that tempts you to turn the heat higher. Maintaining proper humidity can prevent all that.

A humidifier provides the proper humidity level to raise your home's comfort level.

The Benefits of a Whole Home Humidifier

Making Comfort a Breeze

Whole house humidifiers work to keep your home comfortable year after year all from one centralized location in your home. Single room humidifiers, on the other hand, can be expensive and are limited to the room you are in. In order to maximize the unit's effectiveness, you would need to purchase a unit for each room in your house.

Year-round Comfort

Humidifiers are ideal for all homeowners who have a central home comfort system. By providing humidity control throughout your entire home, the effects of dry air such as dry skin and static zaps are reduced and you experience greater comfort all year long.

Healthier Air

Your home's air can be up to 100 x more polluted than the air outside. A humidifier regulates the humidity in your house, helping to ward off bacteria, viruses and fungi while reducing allergic and asthmatic reactions.

Save on Bills

With moisture being added to the air, your home will feel warmer so you’ll lower your thermostat and, in turn, your utility bill. Lowering your thermostat by as little as three degrees can reduce annual heating bills by as much as five percent.

Protect Furnishings

Cleaner, more conditioned air helps to protect valuables like fine art, musical instruments, leather and precious antiques, while also preventing your woodwork from cracking.

Be comfortable by keeping your air comfortable and clean. Contact World Of Comfort in Etobicoke by calling (416) 598-4115.

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