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Today’s airtight homes are comfortable built to save money not spend money heating and cooling air, only to let it escape outside. Unfortunately there isn’t enough fresh outside air to lower contaminants – mold, bacteria, viruses and pollutants – that can trigger allergy symptoms and asthma attacks. World Of Comfort is committed to providing homeowners in Toronto with the cleanest air possible and recommends using germicidal ultraviolet lights with a high-efficiency air cleaner.

Cleaner, More Healthy Indoor Air

Reduced Allergy Symtoms

With a UV light system, mold, fungus and harmful bacteria are killed in their tracks, so your home’s air quality is restored back to freshness. You’ll also benefit from reduced allergy symptoms and asthma attacks.

No Foul Odours

That funky smell, otherwise known as dirty sock syndrome, is a by-product of microbial growth on your wet coil. Upon installation, the UV light both prevents and eliminates these unpleasant odours.

Improved System Performance

Microbial organisms restrict airflow and limit heat transfer capability, increasing the operating cost of your equipment. The UV light makes it impossible for these organisms to survive, so your system runs at peak efficiency.

Extremely Low Maintenance

The lamp needs to be changed every 12 months or up to 36 months depending on the model used. An indicator, located on the front of the panel, conveniently reminds you when it’s almost time to replace the lamp assembly.

Save Money

The UV light continuously cleans the coil and drain pan, making your system run more efficiently, resulting in less energy use and lower utility bills.

How the Ultraviolet Light Works

The ultraviolet light is mounted inside your system near the indoor coil where mold and microbes may grow, whereas an ultraviolet in-duct air treatment system is mounted on the return air duct and destroys airborne bio-chemical contaminants. Once activated, the ultraviolet light goes right to work, penetrating the DNA that an organism needs to reproduce.  The UV light actually destroys microbial growth, resulting in a cleaner indoor coil and circulating purer air in your home environment.

For the best way to treat your home’s air so it’s fresh and clean contact World Of Comfort in Toronto by calling (416) 598-4115.